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Divine Solutions Godly Counsel and Prayer Help To Deal With Marital Abuse and Divorce

Just posting some of the prayer requests and the corresponding Divine counsel that went out via Divine Solutions. Here is a prayer request that came to me on May 21-22, 2015, for Divine help to deal with DECADES of marital abuse and current thoughts about Divorce ...Read prayerfully...May the Lord help you rise above your overwhelming situations.

Hi there

Thank you kindly for all the prayer support thus far. Please continue to pray for my outstanding claims.

I am contemplating divorcing my husband after 25 years of abuse, betrayal and violence. I am not financially stable but I’m trusting the Lord to make a way for me. I would like to get my own place and be able to serve the Lord and live in peace. Please pray a fast tracking of my claims…also I am meeting with the attorney who is doing my __________ Fund claim this Saturday at 9 am. Please pray for favour and a fast tracking so that I would be able to move out soon.
Also pray for peace in my family. It is not easy as we are tormented daily by my husband. I have been through a lot in 25 years of marriage and don’t have the strength to try anymore.

Regards and Blessings


Hi __________:

Thanks for writing to me.  I am praying for you at this moment.  If you would like "me" to say something as a counsel or suggestion, I could share with you. If you would like to hear my view, please let me know.  Otherwise, the mail looks like it is addressed generally in that case it is not right for me to say anything other than prayer for God's guidance in your life.

With Prayers,
In Christ's Service,
Shanta Daniel


Dear Shanta,
yes you can share however the Lord leads you. I am open to receiving counsel and anything the Lord gives to you. Many thanks,
God bless, __________


Dear __________:
Thanks for letting me say my views.  First of all, I am sorry to hear about the abuse, betrayal, and violence that you have been facing for decades

BIBLE DOES NOT ADVOCATE DIVORCE.  Lord Jesus has confirmed it as well. God does not like you breaking the covenant, which you have made in the presence of God, though your husband has broken it time and again.  Any one who ill treats other human being loses the grace of God.  They slowly, slowly lose their grace in the sight of God.  What happens is judgment, which will soon be passed.  If you would patiently endure and honor the covenant for the sake of God, You will win favor in the sight of God.  God will either turn things around or will release you DIVINELY, without you making any decisions outside the will of God and you will be blameless before His sight. ENDURE!! the LORD will release you from your troubles soon and You will be BLAMELESS Sister.  Enduring is not easy.  You will be able to only when the Lord strengthens you that in turn leads you to depend on Him more and more.  More prayer, more worship, more Spirit of God, more of Him.  Then only you will be able to be in Fire and come out without a singe....Because he is with you to protect you.  Please pray about it....the rest of the pray points, I'm praying Let GOD GUIDE YOU DAILY!!
This is a Prophetic Voice Blog Post written a couple of years back.  Please read it and may the Lord speak to you!!

This is what God has been reiterating for the past whole week and for some reason I hesitated to post it. But since I got it confirmed through another Sister whom I am ministering to, I am sharing this warning message. I would like to share the heart of God through one incident that truly happened in the life of a very great Man of God who was used mightily to many thousands.  The Lord has even used him to raise the dead and many thousands were delivered from the clutches of the enemy.  The point here is he was truly a mighty man of God.  All his life he was very zealous for the Lord and followed strict laws and was very strict with regards to sin. However, he treated his wife always with a commanding voice and never allowed her to take up the microphone and preach in his church.  During the latter days of his life, he started beating her.  The wife used to weep inside but never raised her voice against the man of God.  When she had to visit a sick sister in another country, the husband of the sick sister who is an Apostle of God asked her “how are you doing Sister?” Sister said “after my husband pronounces benediction and God’s peace and love over the congregation, I pick up my handbag asking within “Lord where is my peace and love. This is how my life is”....Then that Apostle of God said, “Mene, Mene, Tekel Upharsin.” Sister, you have waited, just wait a little longer.” Upon hearing this word, that sister thought that God is going to touch her husband and set things right.  But in just 90 days that great man of God, the husband of this sister passed away due to sickness.  The Sunday before his death He came to church with the help of the aide and handed the microphone to his wife and as she said a few words to the congregation, he got it back from her and said “may this grace continue” and slowly climbed down the podium and left the premises back to his house with the help of the aide. Nevertheless, before his death he asked sorry to his wife and he asked her to pray over him.  The widowed wife now leads the ministry after her husband's demise.


p.s. This incident really shook me as well when I heard it from the concerned person’s daughter and I am sharing it with the written consent and permission of the person. 

With Love and Prayers,
In Christ's Service,
Evg. Shanta Daniel

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Divine Solutions Godly Counsel and Prayer Help On Dealing With Your Loneliness

Just posting some of the prayer requests and the corresponding Divine counsel that went out via Divine Solutions. Here is a prayer request that came to me on May 18, 2015, for Divine help to deal with loneliness...Read prayerfully...May the Lord refine you and help you rise above your overwhelming situations. 

Hi Shanta..... how are you? I am just here for prayer in our new home ....its hard feeling alone and needing Gods wisdom and peace
Still waiting on Gods healing....

My friend prayed with me last week and in the prayer God spoke through her, in the middle of the prayer....."__________ i have a purpose for your life a good life for you and your daughter, i know all of your hopes and dreams ..I delight in you, delight in me as I delight in you" and I cant remember all but I put my faith in Him , not my friend , but I do believe he spoke to me through her because I needed to hear it, as I feel I am going through a desert.... What do you think? I think God can speak to us through others....

Hi __________:

I'm doing good by God's Grace!! 
Actually, you can enjoy the time you have now with the some worship songs and hymns continually...or whenever possible or mildly in the background without disturbing your daughter or anyone around,.....the entire house will gradually be saturated with the presence of God...remove every form of filth from the house.....magazines, tapes, anything that would remind you of the sinful life...or any seducing stuffs....cleanse the new house and yourself with the precious blood of Jesus Christ and usher in His HOLY Presence and say that I have entered this so that You will RESIDE here with me.....You...that is YOUR BODY is the TEMPLE of the HOLY SPIRIT....HE resides in your BODY...remind yourself of this when you feel lonely or when you face temptations to commit sin....

God speaks through different ways...He speaks through the WORD OF GOD as an IMPRESSION or an highlighted WORD...or within you...impression or a still small voice....or through a servant of GOD, prophet or an anointed servant, or like an idea or suggestion...confirming again and again through various media and elements, through billboards, through sermons, through letters from Prophetic People, through FB, through twitter...through youtube.....through nature, through landscapes, through air, wind, sea, oceans, through so many ways....but the problem is with is us who are not able to decipher His VOICE....HIS communication to us...a well-trained horse can understand its master very well, even His whispers can be understood by the warrior horse and is ready to do what is expected of it by the master....train yourself to hear Him....key is patience, holiness, discipline, open your senses to HIM and shut your senses to the will hear HIM LOUD AND CLEAR, every whisper, every nudge, every heartbeat, every thought of HIS!!....

Be encouraged and DELIGHT in HIM and PRAISE HIM and WORSHIP because HE IS Mary Magdalene worship HIM with YOUR tears and WIPE His feet with YOUR HAIR because HE IS WORTHY...GIVE HIM ALL DUE WORSHIP AND won't feel lonely....GOD BLESS YOU!!   

With Love and Prayers,
In Christ's Service,
Evg. Sis. Shanta Daniel

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Divine Solutions Godly Counsel and Prayer Help on Guilt and Worthlessness owing to Disobedience and Backsliding

Just posting some of the prayer requests and the corresponding Divine counsel that went out via Divine Solutions. Here is a prayer request that came to me on February 25, 2015, for Divine help from guilt and worthlessness...Read prayerfully...May the Lord refine you and help you rise above your overwhelming situations.


Hello Shanta!
I put your phone number in my phone, as I will call when I can!

I am having the hardest time with a nagging feeling every day that I have pushed God to his limits with me, or that he has left me. I do not want to upset God, maybe it is the tactic the enemy is using to keep messing with my relationship with God, it is something I must overcome I believe. Can you pray for me to God that he would see I do want to live my life for him, for his glory, not for works, or for what I can do for him.

I didn't see so clearly until lately, as I grew up with the gospel message, wow....I understand the enormity of Jesus' sacrifice on the cross for me, and for all of mankind. The weight of it makes sense, I didn't understand all of this so clearly until lately. We all understand the concept that Jesus died for our sins, until it really registers, he did it for me, for all of us, and obeyed the will of his father to be the LAMB. 

As a result of my disobedience/backsliding I now suffer physically through contracted serious disease. What i did was so not like me, way out of my character. One little sin became huge, then bigger, the next thing i know, consuming. One night i even had the enemy plant thoughts in my head that I couldn't be forgiven for a few things and instead of shooting those thoughts down in my weak state, I pondered and accepted those thoughts. I pray God will forgive me for failing in spiritual battle as well. I want to be with him forever, and make him proud

Of course, looking back , i would never ever want to be distant from God again, as he longed to protect me, and sent me friends to warn me, and red flags, but unfortunately i didn't listen.. I feel that my joy has been stolen, some health stolen, and consequences are great.

I am really sorry about my sin, and I battle with these horrible feelings be honest I felt for a month that God left me and that i wasn't worthy to touch the Bible etc. But i keep reading and learning, and I pray God will see I am truly sorry...thank you for being there for me to write, and for your ministry pages, I printed some to read today on spiritual battle.
Thanks, __________


Dear __________:

I appreciate your desire to "to be with him forever and make him proud."

When Jesus lived on this earth he moved with the sinners and disciples and tax collectors.  All of these people according to the so-called pious religious people of that society are "sinners" they do not keep the law, but JESUS most of the time moved with them. God is nearer to the heart which beats up unto, Lord ​saying ​I am unworthy and I am ​a ​sinner.  Whereas He ​is ​afar off from them that are feeling ​"​I have done all things to come near to God​." I do not mean that we need to be sinning and ​have to be ​with the remorse feeling in order to come near to God.  But the TRUTH is any amount of righteous deeds does not qualify us to get near Him, it is through the righteous DEED of the LAMB of GOD, Jesus Christ.  When ​we beat up ​our chest and say Lord I am ​a ​sinner, when we break down before Him, He comes nearer to us. Psalm 51 depicts David​'s crying and weeping state ​before the Lord.  He is pleading with the Lord, Cast Me not away from your presence and take not your Holy Spirit from Me Lord.  Restore unto me the Joy of Your salvation and a new right Spirit with me.  What you need to be doing is the same.  God does not use a self-righteous Saint, but He is wanting to get closer to a humble heart who knows its weakness and inabilities and asking the Lord for help to live a life that pleases Him alone.

It is impossible to lead a Godly Holy Life without His Help.  If we are not falling into sin today, it is because of His Grace and Help and not because of our self-control or character.  When we realize His grace in our lives, we truly LIVE.  When we do not realize this truth, we are proud and God is way far away from a proud person.

I am more than willing to pray for you __________. Every time there is a feeling to give in into temptation, we need to remember His Word that says "He has given all things that are necessary for us to lead a Godly life."  Lord Your Word says this, so I have all things that are necessary to lead a Godly life.  Lord please show me the way of escape from this temptation, I want to make you proud.  The Lord shall show you the way.  It does not matter if you may have to lose some privileges but make a choice to live a holy Godly life.  All that you sacrificed to lead a godly life, will come following you double fold. 

Good that you are reading Bible in-spite of your guilty feeling and feelings of unworthiness.  Thanking the Lord that you are not giving place for Satan to keep you far away from the Word of God. The Word of God sanctifies you and cleanses you.   These feelings don't.  Please continue to read the Word no matter what.  Tell the devil, true I have messed up, but I am asking the blood of Jesus to cleanse me from all my messes and I am repenting and taking steps to get into the relationship with my Lord.  You cannot stop me in this process because Jesus came for me and He died for me and His blood is speaking better things to the Father.  Because the Blood is pleading, the Father will take me into His fold and restore me into the beautiful relationship with Him. 

True, there are consequences of sin we need to suffer in this world, but that does not say God has left us. Confess saying -  I will survive the consequences of sin through the Faith in the Son of God and will make Him Proud by showing Him my Faith in His redemptive Power. 

Jesus has done much much much deeper and glorious deeds through His death and resurrection.  Meditate on His suffering and His Word.  Every suffering of His is for you __________.  There is a blessing attached to His suffering.  When You claim His suffering and His blood for your life, Father sees His son and not you.  His son's blood is what needs to be covering us.  Nothing of us is holy unto the Lord except His Son.

March Forward toward the Lord.  Speak to the Lord.  Read Psalm 51.  Read Numbers 20, 21, 22.  How Israelites pushed God to the far limits and made God angry, and they had to face the consequences, yet when they repented and cried to the Lord and when Moses prayed for them, God sent them a relief and remedy and continued His eternal plan of taking them to the Land He has promised.  We have someone much much greater than Moses.  His blood not only pleads for us, it cleanses us from all iniquities.  We are living in the days where God has promised something awesome

Jeremiah 31
31 Behold, the days are coming, says the Lord, when I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel and with the house of Judah,
32 Not according to the covenant which I made with their fathers in the day when I took them by the hand to bring them out of the land of Egypt, My covenant which they broke, although I was their Husband, says the Lord.
33 But this is the covenant which I will make with the house of Israel: After those days, says the Lord, I will put My law within them, and on their hearts will I write it; and I will be their God, and they will be My people.
34 And they will no more teach each man his neighbor and each man his brother, saying, Know the Lord, for they will all know Me [recognize, understand, and be acquainted with Me], from the least of them to the greatest, says the Lord. For I will forgive their iniquity, and I will [seriously] remember their sin no more.

According to the New Covenant brought in by the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross, God is writing His law in our hearts.  He will make us walk in His ways and He said He will be our God and we will be His people.  The Lord Himself make us walk in His ways - All By HIS GRACE.  We just needs to depend on JESUS alone for everything.

Wishing You ALL THE BEST in this new journey.  God Be WITH YOU and SINCE HE IS WITH YOU, IT IS ONLY THE BEST. :-)  

With Love and Prayers,
​In Christ's Service,
Evangelist Sis. Shanta Daniel
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Divine Solutions Godly Counsel and Prayer Help

Person Wrote: Please pray for me for God's help and assistance on the insults,humiliations and let downs I am going through in the hands of those that claim to be my superiors in my work place ,i have endured a lot,and tolerated even the most difficult conditions...I need God's divine intervention, cos enough is enough.i want God to prove to me that he is God in this situation,cos I believe in Him,every superiority, help and blessings comes from Him not man.i really need God's help like never before...
Me:  Sorry for the delayed response. I was traveling and just catching up with things. 

Psalmist had to under go such oppression from his own brothers, family, and from the outsiders. Most of his lifetime was in troubles, but in the midst of all he was having fellowship with God.  

Constantly, Psalmist was communicating to God both his negative situations and positive situations.  In between, through him the Spirit of the Lord gives Prophetic Utterances like  "Now will I arise, says the Lord, because the poor are oppressed, because of the groans of the needy; I will set him in safety and in the salvation for which he pants. (‭Psalm‬ ‭12‬:‭ 5‬ AMP).  

HELP, Lord! For principled and godly people are here no more; faithfulness and the faithful vanish from among the sons of men. To his neighbor each one speaks words without use or worth or truth; with flattering lips and double heart [deceitfully] they speak. May the Lord cut off all flattering lips and the tongues that speak proud boasting, Those who say, With our tongues we prevail; our lips are our own [to command at our will]–who is lord and master over us? Now will I arise, says the Lord, because the poor are oppressed, because of the groans of the needy; I will set him in safety and in the salvation for which he pants. (‭Psalm‬ ‭12‬:‭1-5‬ AMP)

Speak over your lives the WORD of God which is the WILL of God.  The WORD of God changes the situations of your life. Speak it and claim it and possess it for the GLORY OF GOD.
You shall establish yourself in righteousness (rightness, in conformity with God's will and order): you shall be far from even the thought of oppression or destruction, for you shall not fear, and from terror, for it shall not come near you. (‭Isaiah‬ ‭54‬:‭14‬ AMP)

Follow the ways of the Lord. Be dependent on Him always, it keeps you humble.  When the riches increase do not set your heart on it.  When the fame increase, do not care about it and try and build a empire around you.  Always know the Remanent of Israel are afflicted, poor in spirit, who trust, seek refuge, and are confident in the name of the Lord.  Plead the Lord to keep you in the midst of people who do no iniquity, who speak no lies, who are not haughty and pride, nor deceitful.  Plead the Lord to keep you from pain and evil just as Jabez prayed.
In that day you [the congregation of Israel] shall not be put to shame for all your deeds by which you have rebelled and transgressed against Me, for then I will take away out of your midst those who exult in your majesty and pride; and you shall no more be haughty [and carry yourselves arrogantly on or] because of My holy mountain. For I will leave in the midst of you a people afflicted and poor, and they shall trust, seek refuge, and be confident in the name of the Lord. What is left of Israel shall not do iniquity or speak lies, neither shall a deceitful tongue be found in their mouth, for they shall feed and lie down and none shall make them afraid. (‭Zephaniah‬ ‭3‬:‭11-13‬ AMP)
The Lord God is a prayer answering God and He is the creator of all human beings.  There is no shadow of turning with Him and He is no respecter of Persons and He is not cunning or crafty but He takes the wicked and the worldly wise in their own craftiness.  Just depend and rely on Him. Be sincere and genuine.  Be faithful and Be led by the Spirit of God.  One of the qualities of the Spirit of God is patience.  Move when He moves, until then you are preserved by the Lord by His Spirit.  Let your emotions be under His control.

God Bless,
In Christ's Service,
Evangelist Shanta Daniel 

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