Wednesday, March 14, 2012

To those chosen single ladies waiting for the right person – Here is a prophetic message and a prayer!

Are you the Marys who are pregnant with the PURPOSE of GOD in your life? – I pray that the Lord will bring in Joseph who is SO righteous that GOD Himself will prevent him from sinning, who will be obedient to the purposes of GOD, to be the guardian unto you and the purpose God has given you. I PRAY that GOD will raise such Josephs who have an attentive ear to hear the warnings from GOD and who will rise up to protect the child and the mother from the attack of the enemy and fulfill every purposes of GOD for their lives. GOD will rise up such committed, truthful, and consecrated men of God for your lives, just believe.

Have you been following the leading of the Holy Spirit and have been clinging on to HIM alone like Ruth clung to her mother-in-law Naomi? – I pray that the HOLY SPIRIT lead you to BOAZ who will cover you and protect you. He by nature fulfilled the purposes of GOD without any divine intervention not so evidently mentioned in the scriptures. I pray dear ladies that GOD would bring the GOD-FEARING, RIGHTEOUS, WISE, HOLY, MAN OF INTEGRITY, AND HONOR into your lives.

Are you like the Esthers called for a purpose? – let the fragrance of the FAVOR of GOD go before you and wipe out every offensive smell caused by the enemy and that you enter into your rightful place by the FAVOR of the Most High GOD to fulfill the purposes of God.

Dear Father, I come before Your throne of Grace in the Name and Blood of Jesus along with the single ladies who are looking unto You for the right Joseph/Boaz for their lives. Lord, in the Name of Jesus of Nazareth I release the rightful partners into their lives. Lord, bring in the men of character like Joseph and Boaz into these WOMEN OF WORTH, who will propel them into the GOD-ORDAINED DESTINY and into the GREATER HEIGHTS You have ordained for these chosen ones. Lord, we know that the enemy can only DELAY Your plan but can NEVER ABORT YOUR purposes for our lives as we stay yielded to Your Perfect Will. The Lord God in the midst of us is Mighty and You delight in empowering us to be the women You want us to be. In Jesus Precious name we pray. Amen.

Led by the Spirit Of God:
His Servant,
Shanta S. Daniel

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