Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Prayer Request

Dear Friends:

Great to meet you again.  Also, happy to share my heart with you all. 

This looks like a season of MY FIRST’S – new, new things are happening… For sure the spiritual warfare series is an absolute leading and will of God.  The Lord is training my hands for war (Psalm 144:1).  I am so much occupied with prayer, preparation, and training for His work though I intended to take a break to refresh and rejuvenate myself after continued years of hard work at the corporate office.  After the first few weeks of writing the posts on this series, the Lord brought a mighty man of God to this city with the intention to start his ministry here.  At that time, I was actually in a fitness center when an aunty kept on calling me.  As I was busy working out, my mobile was away from me and so when I finally looked at my mobile I saw a lot of missed calls from her. I didn’t return her call instead I just went to her house straight away thinking that it must be something important.  Then she told her that a mighty servant of God was coming there and she needed me to be with her.  At the end of that meeting with that mighty man of God and his team, I knew it was not accident but it was God’s appointment. He gave a set of books and CDs to aunty and me – one of them was Spiritual Warfare Prayer.  Last week, Friday was the first deliverance meeting held and he laid his hand on me and prayed a prayer for an anointing for deliverance ministry. A mighty woman of God lives right here in our apartments.  She and her husband are called by God for a Miracle Ministry.  Of late, over the past 1 month, there were a lot of demonic attacks, like the devil literally trying to kill the couple.  Therefore, she started a series of prayer inviting a closed group at her place.  Last week, Friday evening was one such prayer at her place.  Friday morning was the deliverance meeting and evening was the prayer meeting at our apartments.  After the evening prayer, I saw a pile of books on the table, all topics related to demons, satan, and things like that.  As I am currently getting trained for a military combat, I felt like I needed all of them, however, the Lord led me to pick only one book that was on top – it was Satan Unmasked, overcoming the Jezebel Spirit.  I borrowed that book from her. Though I got the book home and I didn’t start reading it, I didn’t know why I picked that book in particular until I got a call from a brother from North America.  This brother is unknown to me, he got my number from a prophetess known to me.  This brother told me that he is a believer and married and left India to N. America; he came to know of late that her wife is possessed kind of and some brother told him that she is possessed by Jezebel Spirit and that that prophetess gave him my number for prayer and counseling.  I did not hesitate to pray for him, I just prayed for him, for his situation, and for his wife as per the leading of the Holy Spirit.  The prayer was indeed lengthy and at the end of the prayer that brother told me that as I was saying “Throne of the Almighty God” and “Jesus Interceding” in that prayer, he saw the same in a vision at the same time and he saw a bad spirit leave his wife and that his wife, who has separated from him, standing next to him.  I got goosebumps when I heard it and was very amazed and thankful how compassionate and kind the Lord is and how the Lord had already imparted into me that anointing that is needed for such a kind of work through that Mighty Man of God praying over me, and that was the reason I didn’t panic or hesitate when I was asked to pray.  That brother asked me if I could pray for his wife at a different date, as some brother told him that a SISTER SHOULD pray for such a kind of person.  I said yes and we fixed up a date and time.  Now, I am preparing for it.  This is MY FIRST of this kind of deliverance ministry.  I called the sister who gave my number to that brother and told her that such a person called me.  She told me though she knew so many pastors and others, she was led to give my number to him and I told her how I was led by the Lord to pick up a book that is related to this kind of ministry and how the Lord had already provided the needed grace and anointing.  We were so joyful to know how the Lord is leading us in our lives. 

When we are led by the Spirit of God, we are not only benefiting us by doing God’s will but also we benefit others by being a blessing.   

Please do keep me in your prayers for more of God’s protection and grace.

In Christ's Service,
Under the shed-blood of Jesus,
Shanta Daniel

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