Sunday, September 30, 2012

Trip to the Wilderness Near Mysore - A Report

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

Greetings to you in the matchless name of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 

I’m back home after spending a week at a wilderness which is about 2-hour drive from the City of Mysore in a state called Karnataka in India.  Initially, I was told that this place was a forest, but when I went there it was a wilderness with hot days and very cold nights.  Though I assumed that the place will have a lot of shady places with trees all around, not much of a shade we can appreciate, however, as usual I was well prepared.    There were cashew nut trees planted all around and it was dry weather, hot sun, and clear skies. 

The second day I was tired out of hot weather and fasting and thought I was very comfortable praying at home as I have no problem with privacy and concentration and focus, and many prayers have been heard right in the place where I kneel beside my bed and what is the need and special about coming here and praying in the hot sun, risking oneself in terms of safety from animals. The situation was like causing excessive discomfort to oneself in terms of weather, place of stay, food, etc. Nevertheless, this was a new experience as led by the Spirit of God.  I did pray for rain clouds in the skies and milder weather, the Lord did answer my prayer with rains in the evenings of days five and six. 

Each person was occupying different cashew nut trees away from one another for a little privacy and crying out to Jesus mainly for spiritual blessings.  I learnt many things from different individuals especially from people of Southern most part of India.  The Spirit of the Lord anointed me with the new mantle of Fire.  Though there were many people around in the wilderness, I was able to feel the Holy Fire of God at my place when another sister was leading one other sister in Baptism of the Holy Spirit at a cashew nut tree some distance away from me.  This sister is a simple, village-bred person who did not fully understand my English-filled Tamil language.  The Lord helped me to learn a lot of mysteries from her, the wisdom, the command of words, right words in prayer and manifestation of Holy Spirit, and the humility seen in her ministry was amazing.

I could sight a peacock, the national bird of India, at a far distance about 2 kms from the place I was standing.  Otherwise, I could not spot any animals, but heard that herds of elephants sometimes visit the place and a tiger was also sighted at the premises though there was no harm to person or property.

The Lord was very gracious to make my journey very comfortable and enjoyed every bit of it, both to and fro.  I feel that such session of prayer was not enough and would like to have a similar one at my city God willing, at places like Scripture Union.    

Thank you all for your prayers.  May God richly bless you!!

Then Jesus, full of the Holy Spirit, returned from the Jordan River. He was led by the Spirit in the wilderness, where he was tempted by the devil for forty days. Jesus ate nothing all that time and became very hungry. Then Jesus returned to Galilee, filled with the Holy Spirit’s power. 16 When he came to the village of Nazareth, his boyhood home, he went as usual to the synagogue on the Sabbath and stood up to read the Scriptures. 17 The scroll of Isaiah the prophet was handed to him. He unrolled the scroll and found the place where this was written:
18 “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, for he has anointed me to bring Good News to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim that captives will be released,  that the blind will see, that the oppressed will be set free, 19 and that the time of the Lord’s favor has come.”

Jesus, My Lord, be glorified!!

In Christ’s Service,
Under the Shed-Blood Of Jesus,
Shanta Daniel

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Excerpts from the Book - Satan Unmasked Overcoming the Jezebel Spirit written by Colin Dye - Part VI

For this purpose, the Son of God was manifested that He might destroy the works of the devil.  I John 3:8

Elijah’s name was his ministry.  He was called Mr. TheLordis myGod and this was what he was called to announce.

After the fire, when the people cried, ‘The Lord is God’ they were not only declaring the Lordship of God they were also acknowledging Elijah’s ministry.

Elijah was not just an run-of-the-mill prophet, he was specially anointed by God to confront and defeat the Jezebel spirit in his own generation.

Many years later, God raised a second Elijah – John the Baptist – who ministered in the power and spirit of Elijah to confront the forces of darkness and prepare the way for the first coming of the Lord.  John the Baptist ministered in a day when another evil king ruled Israel and this time the Jezebel spirit had the prophet’s head on a platter. 

Today, at another critical moment in history when evil rulers abound on the earth, God is beginning to prepare the way for the second coming of the Lord.

This time, God is not seeking to raise a single Elijah figure to confront the Jezebel spirit in one limited location.  Rather, He is seeking to raise a whole prophetic Elijah generation who will defeat the whole force of this spirit wherever it is operating in the earth. 

God wants to establish a complete generation of Spirit-filled men and women who do not fear Jezebel, who have been transformed to the extent that their very natures declare ‘The Lord is my God.’

God longs for you to be part of this end-time Elijah company.  He wants you to be his anointed Elijah in your home, your church, your workplace, your locality.

He is commissioning and equipping you to call men and women to repent, to summon people back to God, to confront the enemy forces, to overcome the Jezebel spirit, to see the fire of God fall through your life and your ministry.

As the second coming of the Lord draws nearer, so it seems that the Jezebel spirit is becoming ever-more frantic in its devilish work of orchestrating demonic opposition to God’s prophetic people. 

This evil spirit is approaching its final manifestation – just as the Kingdom of God is moving towards its fulfilment – and God is preparing an Elijah people to confront it : a people with the message ‘the Lord is my God’ on their lips, in their hearts, and running through every aspect of their lives.

God Bless You and Keep You!!     

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

New Trip - Details

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

Greetings to you in the precious name of our Lord Jesus.

As I have informed before, I am traveling to a Colony near Begur in Karnataka.  Last year, I received an invite from this sister, however, I was not able to go because of various reasons.

The sister who organizes this program is known to me since August 2008 as we participated in training in Power Ministry held in Chennai for 4 days to be certified Evangelists from the organization, which conducted this camp.  This sister stayed at my place for these days to attend the camp.  Also, this sister is known to one of the aunties I have prayer fellowship with and this aunty is supposed to have accompanied me but she is held up here in Chennai because of her daughter who has come down from Qatar. So I am traveling alone in the train, but will have company in the other means of transportation from Mysore to the Colony.

This sister in Mysore has 5 acres of land in this colony, which she received as inheritance from her father.  Her family, her husband and 2 children do ministry work in this area twice a year while her father stays continuously in this area to look after the ministry property etc.

Some aunties in prayer fellowship with us persuaded my mother to send me for this place.  My mother prayed for 3 days and said okay to send me.  When I tried for tickets via online booking, it was not available.  Then one aunty in fellowship is helping me to get the tickets through a sister who is working in the railways department. 

In a nutshell, the goal of this trip is to have a newer experience with God. 

Please note:  However, it is not needed to travel to forests to get new experience with God.  This is something new that God is leading me to experience.

I greatly appreciate your prayers for my safety, protection, health, grace, and anointing throughout this trip and for travel mercies.  Thank you.

In Christ’s Service,
Under the Shed-Blood of Jesus
Shanta Daniel

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Ministry Update

Dear Friends:

Glad to meet you in this series of Spiritual Warfare.

The Lord has been graciously shaping each of us for His coming, which is getting closer and closer. 

The Lord gave me the grace to host lunch at home for the minister of God and his team who conducted the second-month deliverance meeting at a methodist school conference hall in our city.  This man of God is also a medical physician, who has been doing deliverance ministry for the past 30 years.  This man of God is so generous and prayed that his anointing be multiplied in great measure over everyone gathered at my home. He revealed in prayer that that was the plan of God that he was brought at my place.  I am so thankful for such senior servants of God, who are genuinely generous to impart blessings of years of experience and anointing into budding servants of God.  The selfless goal of this servant of God is to plunder the kingdom of satan and populate the heaven, to accomplish that purpose he equips everyone around him.     

There is also a strong invite for an exclusive time-alone with God in the forests of deep interior Karnataka from a dear sister.   This place is much beyond Mysore into the interior parts.  My mobile and laptop will not be of use after a day or two because there is no power supply to that area and the place has only basic facilities.  This is not a prayer meeting – but specially organized one-to-one time alone with God with fasting and prayer for 6 whole days starting from September 24 through September 29.   I am praying about this and God willing may go for this special, adventurous, and much sacrificial time of prayer in the forest area.

Also, requesting to remember me in your prayers for health, protection, anointing, and grace.

In Christ’s Service,

Under the Shed-Blood of Jesus,

Shanta Daniel.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Tabernacle Prayer - Coming to God by a New and Living Way!!

Dear Friends:
Greetings to you in the mighty name of Jesus.
The Lord has been very graciously teaching me through many people – these days through a sister.  I have been living in my current residence for the past 7-1/2 years and I know this sister ever since.  However, she was a missionary to Belgium for more than a decade until a couple of years back when she got married in Chennai and settled in Dubai.  About some months ago, she and her family completely relocated to our building with the intention to settle in India.  But about a month back, the Lord all of a sudden led her husband to go back to Dubai first and then take her wife once all things are made ready for her to move there.  Now, this led me and that sister to find more time together and has enabled me to learn from her what the Holy Spirit has been teaching me.  I am studying in the School of Holy Spirit.  Last Thursday i.e. on September 6, 2012, the Lord led us to watch Dr. Cho’s (Pastor of the World’s Largest Church - South Korea) Tabernacle prayer viayoutube.  We took down the notes and we implemented it the next day in a Friday meeting at a friend’s place and then on in our personal prayer.  Normally Dr. Cho prays for 5 hours per day, but this tabernacle prayer can be done even in an hour.  As the responsibility grows, the prayer life should also grow.  The ministry should flow out of our intimacy with God; otherwise, it is not worth it. 

My intention is to glorify Jesus alone and I am just learning along with you all in the School of the Holy Spirit, this is available only for those who want to do God’s ministry in God’s way and has a longing to be in the Center of God’s perfect Will.  I am learning as much as I can as she would be leaving the country shortly to join with her husband.  We never had such a time before, because I was busy with office and work and she was busy with her husband and family.  Now, I am off my secular job and now she has more time and freedom for God and ministry, the Lord has enabled us to learn from the Holy Spirit in this time together.  Thanking the Lord for His grace and time and surrendering our lives for His work in and through us.

I found this prayer on the internet to supplement with the tabernacle prayer I learnt from Dr. Cho.  I am sharing this with you all that the tabernacle prayer would revolutionize the prayer life of every reader. 

May the Holy Spirit minister to us!

In Christ’s Service,
Under the Shed-blood of Jesus,
Shanta Daniel


How To Pray Tabernacle Prayer?

What follows is a basic outline of how to pray Tabernacle Prayer | Temple Prayer.
What I aim to do here is give a very brief overview and show how you can go through the Tabernacle in one hour.
Together with the Lord’s Prayer this is my favorite track of prayer, and the one in which I experience the most rewarding fellowship with God.
The track is based on the layout of the Tabernacle of Moses, as pictured below:


Every day you must come to the cross of Jesus Christ as many times as possible. There you worship the Lord. There you see God judging your sin through Jesus Christ. Just as God judged the sin of Israel through the animals, Jesus judges your sin through Jesus Christ.
1. Say: “Dear Jesus Christ. I worship You for Your blood. I thank You because Your blood forgave all of my sins. All of the sins that I have committed, and all of the sins which I am going to commit in the future, You have forgiven eternally.”
2. Pray this prayer: “Jesus, I worship You because through the blood You have delivered me from the power of Satan and the world. You move me to the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. Now I am living in Your Son’s Kingdom through the blood of Jesus Christ.”
3. Pray: “I praise You God for the blood of Jesus Christ because that blood declares to me that I was completely freed from all kinds of sickness and infirmity. Jesus, through the stripes which You received at the courtyard of Pilate, my sickness and diseases have been taken away since 2,000 years ago. I praise You for divine healing through the blood of Jesus Christ. ”
4. Pray, “Dear Jesus, through Your blood I have been redeemed from the Adamic curse. Because of Adam the earth was cursed. The earth was to bring forth thistles and thorns. That is the symbol of all the failure in life. Oh God, You took our curse on the cross. Because the Bible says that Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law becoming a curse for us that the blessing of Abraham might come upon the Gentiles. So through Your blood I am completely delivered from the curse. I am delivered from failure and poverty. I am free from the curse. I have the blessings of Abraham. I am a blessed person.”
5. Next, pray: “Dear Jesus, through Your blood I am delivered from death and hell. Jesus, You died and You were resurrected. You conquered death and hell. You brought the glory of the Kingdom of heaven. By the blood of Jesus Christ I am completely delivered from death and hell and am now living in the glory of Jesus Christ. I am a member of the kingdom of God. I have the eternal Kingdom in me so I praise God because of the blood. I worship Jesus and praise Him because of the blood.”



In the courtyard you move from the brazen altar to the laver. The laver is full of water. Before the high priest entered the Holy place, he washed his hands and feet. He was cleansed and sanctified. This is a picture of the Word of God and the Spirit of God Who changes us.
1. Pray: “Oh God, make me righteous through Your grace. Heavenly Father, make me truthful. Please help me not to live in lies. Let me not tell lies. Let me he a truthful person before You and before other people. ”
2. Then pray: “Heavenly Father, make me a faithful person. Loyal to God. Make me very faithful and loyal to God.”
3. Pray: “Oh God, let me not break God’s Law, so that I will be loved by You. Make me very faithful and loyal, especially as far as the Ten Commandments are concerned.”
4. Then pray for personal sanctification: “Father, make me holy and sanctified. make me a holy person. Cleanse my heart so that it is pure.”
5. Pray: “Father, give me grace to forgive and love. make me a gentle and loving person. Make me an understanding and kind person.”
6. Pray: “Father, make me a very humble and meek person. Give me a soft heart toward people.” 7. Then Pray: “Oh God, help me to live according to the measure of faith that You gave me. Don ‘t make me proud. Make me live according to the measure of faith You have given me.”



The Golden Candlestick represents the Holy Spirit. Here we throw ourselves in dependency upon Him.
1. Pray: “Dear Holy Spirit, I recognize You. I welcome You. I adore You. Thank You for being in my life. You are my Senior Partner. You are the Spirit of God, and the Spirit of Jesus Christ. You are the Spirit of wisdom. You are the Spirit of understanding. You are the Spirit of counsel. You are the Spirit of power. You are the Spirit of the revelation of the Word of God. You are the Spirit of reverence which gives me the power to reveal God. So help me now. I cannot do anything without Your anointing. I depend upon You. I worship You. I thank You.”



1. Pray, “Lord, I envy the Word of God. I admire and love the Word of God. I long after the Word of God. I read, I study, I believe, I act, I thank You, and I want to teach this Word of God. So, Lord give me a new fresh revelation in my heart. My heart is pantng for the Word of God. Please give me a new revelation.”
2. Acknowledge Christ as the Living Word. Pray that you will hear His voice as your Shepherd. Honour and love Him. Dedicate your self to follow Him.



The incense on this altar is praise and prayer to the Heavenly Father.
1. Come to this place and pray: “I really appreciate You. You delivered me from sin. You delivered me from worldliness. You delivered me from sickness. You delivered me from the curse. You delivered me from death. You are the God who is the foundation of my life. You are the purpose of my life. You are the value of my life. I worship You, the God who created the heaven and the earth and all things in them. I worship You. I thank You.”
2. Sing praises to the Lord, then begin to speak in tongues.



When you come to the Holy of Holies and see the blood on the ark of the covenant, you are in the presence of God, right in front of the throne of God.
1. Pray, “I am eternally forgiven. I am eternally declared righteous. I am eternally saved. I am eternally blessed by His blood covenant. I thank You, dear Heavenly Father. I am now a member of Your Family. I am Your child and I joy in the triune God. I am living in the Holy of Holies. Father, now I have many requests. I want You to hear them and help me. ”
2. Pray all the things you want to receive from the Lord and thank Him for them.
3. Spend as much time as you are able or want to here before the Father, fellowshipping with Him, loving and listening.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Excerpts from the Book - Satan Unmasked Overcoming the Jezebel Spirit written by Colin Dye - Part III

For this purpose, the Son of God was manifested that He might destroy the works of the devil.  I John 3:8

If you go through the Bible with a toothcomb, you’ll find only one person who persistently and consistently always overcame the enemy.  Only one man who never gave the devil the tiniest toehold, only one person who resisted every attack, trampled on every temptation, never thought or acted on His own initiative.  Suffering never made Jesus blame God.  Taunts about the circumstances of His birth never silenced Him.  Threats of violence never put Him off.  Rejection by His friends and family did not plunge Him in depression.  Quite simply, Jesus is the triumphant overcomer. 

He is the One who is with you and within you.  You’re not being directed by somebody who fell and failed, by someone like Eve or Elijah, David or Job, Joshua or Balaam; you’re being guided by Jesus who is more-than-a-conqueror.

If you only listen to Him, you’re certain to be kept safe.  If you do only what He says, you’re bound to know God’s blessing.  If you go only where He sends, you’re sure to live in the security of God’s Will.  If you speak only what He prompts, you’re guaranteed to know the quiet authority of God.  If you think only His thoughts, the mind of Christ will be in you and you will prove what is the good and acceptable and perfect will of God. 

Of course, Jesus will lead you along the way of the cross and the Jezebel spirit will urge its demons to throw everything at you, but nothing will be able to harm you.

Stay close to Jesus.  Listen to the voice of the King.  Depend entirely on His strength and ability. When you live with deliverance and discipline, you’ll be able to trample on the tempting thoughts of sex and pride, to swipe away the darts of doubt and depression, and to ignore the meaningless attractions of money and power.  In short, you’ll be a true warrior of God.   

If you walk in righteousness and the shout of the King is heard in your life, every attack of the enemy will become a blessing from God. 

To be continued…

Hope this has been a blessing to you and will continue to share with you the portions the Lord leads…..

God Bless You and Keep You!!          

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Excerpts from the Book - Satan Unmasked Overcoming the Jezebel Spirit written by Colin Dye - Part II

  For this purpose, the Son of God was manifested that He might destroy the works of the devil.                I John 3:8

Evil spirits cannot enter a person without their free will; but persistent, deliberate sin always opens the way for them to enter.  For example, the devil gained access to Judas through his love for money and his determination to betray Jesus.

Acts 5:3 and 13:10 show that some people can reach the point whereby satan fills their hearts completely and they become his children.  We don’t know the extent of Jezebel’s control by the Jezebel’s spirit, but it was plainly the dominant force in her life – and through her in the nation at that time.

One of the most striking things about Jezebel was her sheer persistence in opposing the prophet Elijah, she didn’t give up when her false prophets were defeated and slaughtered on Mount Carmel; she simply redoubled her efforts to destroy him.

The devil showed the same persistence in his attacks on Jesus.  He tried to kill Jesus at birth through King Herod.  He tried to kill him through the crowds and priests.  And he kept on tempting Jesus right through His ministry, even though Jesus thwarted him at every turn.  Even at calvary, the devil prompted a man to tempt Jesus to save yourself and come down from the cross.

The forces of evil are just as persistent in their attacks on the people of God.  Revelation 12 makes this point very clearly.

First, the dragon tries to devour the man-child when the woman gives birth.  When this fails and the child is caught up to God and His throne, it turns its attention on the woman and her offspring – on the church and individual believers who are faithful to the Lord Jesus. 

Be warned, you are facing a life-long struggle with the forces of evil.  Every time you resist them, every time you overcome them in one area, they turn around and start tempting and attacking you in another area.

You have most persistent opponents.  You just have to be more persistent in resisting them than they are in attacking you.  And, in Christ, clothed with the full armor of God, depending on the Spirit’s anointing and gifts you can be.

Remember, on your own you’re no match for any demon.  They are more cunning than you.  They are more intelligent than you.  They are more powerful than you.  They can deceive you.  They can seduce you.  They can enter you.  They can ensnare you.  They can overcome you.  They can murder you.

If you were left to your own resources, you wouldn’t have a hope.  Thank God that you’re not required to rely on your wisdom and strength! Thank God that you have the victory of Christ.  Thank God that He has given you His personal armor to wear.  Thank God that He has equipped you with all the spiritual resources you need to overcome your enemy.  Now it’s up to you to become skilled in using them.  

To be continued…

Hope this has been a blessing to you and will continue to share with you the portions the Lord leads…..

God Bless You and Keep You!!          

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