Saturday, September 15, 2012

Ministry Update

Dear Friends:

Glad to meet you in this series of Spiritual Warfare.

The Lord has been graciously shaping each of us for His coming, which is getting closer and closer. 

The Lord gave me the grace to host lunch at home for the minister of God and his team who conducted the second-month deliverance meeting at a methodist school conference hall in our city.  This man of God is also a medical physician, who has been doing deliverance ministry for the past 30 years.  This man of God is so generous and prayed that his anointing be multiplied in great measure over everyone gathered at my home. He revealed in prayer that that was the plan of God that he was brought at my place.  I am so thankful for such senior servants of God, who are genuinely generous to impart blessings of years of experience and anointing into budding servants of God.  The selfless goal of this servant of God is to plunder the kingdom of satan and populate the heaven, to accomplish that purpose he equips everyone around him.     

There is also a strong invite for an exclusive time-alone with God in the forests of deep interior Karnataka from a dear sister.   This place is much beyond Mysore into the interior parts.  My mobile and laptop will not be of use after a day or two because there is no power supply to that area and the place has only basic facilities.  This is not a prayer meeting – but specially organized one-to-one time alone with God with fasting and prayer for 6 whole days starting from September 24 through September 29.   I am praying about this and God willing may go for this special, adventurous, and much sacrificial time of prayer in the forest area.

Also, requesting to remember me in your prayers for health, protection, anointing, and grace.

In Christ’s Service,

Under the Shed-Blood of Jesus,

Shanta Daniel.

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