Wednesday, September 19, 2012

New Trip - Details

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

Greetings to you in the precious name of our Lord Jesus.

As I have informed before, I am traveling to a Colony near Begur in Karnataka.  Last year, I received an invite from this sister, however, I was not able to go because of various reasons.

The sister who organizes this program is known to me since August 2008 as we participated in training in Power Ministry held in Chennai for 4 days to be certified Evangelists from the organization, which conducted this camp.  This sister stayed at my place for these days to attend the camp.  Also, this sister is known to one of the aunties I have prayer fellowship with and this aunty is supposed to have accompanied me but she is held up here in Chennai because of her daughter who has come down from Qatar. So I am traveling alone in the train, but will have company in the other means of transportation from Mysore to the Colony.

This sister in Mysore has 5 acres of land in this colony, which she received as inheritance from her father.  Her family, her husband and 2 children do ministry work in this area twice a year while her father stays continuously in this area to look after the ministry property etc.

Some aunties in prayer fellowship with us persuaded my mother to send me for this place.  My mother prayed for 3 days and said okay to send me.  When I tried for tickets via online booking, it was not available.  Then one aunty in fellowship is helping me to get the tickets through a sister who is working in the railways department. 

In a nutshell, the goal of this trip is to have a newer experience with God. 

Please note:  However, it is not needed to travel to forests to get new experience with God.  This is something new that God is leading me to experience.

I greatly appreciate your prayers for my safety, protection, health, grace, and anointing throughout this trip and for travel mercies.  Thank you.

In Christ’s Service,
Under the Shed-Blood of Jesus
Shanta Daniel

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