Saturday, April 19, 2014

Prophetic Voice: Refrain from Domestic Violence and Abuse

This is what God has been reiterating for the past whole week and for some reason I hesitated to post it. But since I got it confirmed through another Sister whom I am ministering to, I am sharing this warning message.
I would like to share the heart of God through one incident that truly happened in the life of a very great Man of God who was used mightily to many thousands.  The Lord has even used him to raise the dead and many thousands were delivered from the clutches of the enemy.  The point here is he was truly a mighty man of God.  All his life he was very zealous for the Lord and followed strict laws and was very strict with regards to sin. However, he treated his wife always with a commanding voice and never allowed her to take up the microphone and preach in his church.  During the latter days of his life, he started beating her.  The wife used to weep inside but never raised her voice against the man of God.  When she had to visit a sister who was sick, the husband of the sick sister who is an Apostle of God asked her “how are you doing Sister?” Sister said “after my husband pronounces benediction and God’s peace and love over the congregation, I pick up my handbag asking within “Lord where is my peace and love. This is how my life is"  Then that Apostle of God said, “Mene, Mene, Tekel Upharsin.”  Sister, you have waited, just wait a little longer.” Upon hearing this word, that sister thought that God is going to touch her husband and set things right.  But in just 90 days that great man of God, the husband of this sister passed away due to sickness.  The Sunday before his death He came to church with the help of the aide and handed the microphone to his wife and as she said a few words to the congregation, he got it back from her and said “may this grace continue” and slowly climbed down the podium and left the premises back to his house with the help of the aide. Nevertheless, before his death he asked sorry to his wife and he asked her to pray over him.  The widowed wife now leads the ministry after her husband's demise.

This incident gives us a warning about how much God hates domestic violence as much as he hates the divorce.   May the Lord help us not to displease Him but love the wife just as the Lord loves the church.  Jesus, the bridegroom, left the glory of His Father’s house to seek a bride – the church - for himself undergoing all sufferings and afflictions and elevating His bride to the same glory and honor He has showing an example that a husband must love his wife in such a manner.  Wife in return must be submissive to the husband just as the Bride of Christ to the Christ. May the Holy Spirit minister to us all.

p.s. This incident really shook me as well when I heard it from the concerned person and I am sharing it with the consent of the person concerned.  I said "Lord help me.  I should not cry to you but should be wise to win your favor for my loved ones that they might know Your heart and please you."    

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