Ministry Of Good Works And Ministries Supported by Sis. Shanta Daniel

Deborah Prayer Group: - This prayer group is initiated under the guidance of Sis. Shanta Daniel. The Woman Servant of God who leads this prayer group is physically challenged and economically behind. Sis. Shanta Daniel offers help in terms of ministering to the women gather there as well as supports financially.

Campus Crusade for Christ: Sis. Shanta Daniel volunteered at the office in administration documentation works.

People Invest: This ministry supports slum children education and this ministry especially supports women's ministry. Sis. Shanta Daniel supports this ministry through finance and physical help as required. 

Smyrna Home: Financially Supported an adopted child. 

Besides, Sis. Shanta Daniel also supports a few other saints and independent prophets and servants of God.

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