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Excerpts from the Book - Satan Unmasked Overcoming the Jezebel Spirit written by Colin Dye

Dear Friends,

This book is very good and I feel like sharing excerpts from this book, the portions of the book which the Lord leads me to share with you all to bless your soul.

God Bless You Richly!!

For this purpose, the Son of God was manifested that He might destroy the works of the devil.  I John 3:8
Whenever God’s people speak God’s words in the power of God’s Spirit, the devil and his forces always leap into action against them. 

When, under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, you start to minister prophetically to someone who is held captive by the enemy, you’re bound to arouse the devil’s fury!

Satan’s demons won’t slink away quietly and release their captive without even a whimper.  Instead, they’ll mark you out for special attention.  They’ll focus their wrath on your loved ones and family.    

They’ll do their utmost to persuade you to think or act independently of God, to trip you through the attractions of sex, money or power, to neutralize you through pride and ambition – so that you don’t bother them again. 

Don’t despair! For, when the devil does his worst, God always does His Best.

Prophet Elijah was called and anointed by God to deal with the Jezebel spirit.  In the power of the Spirit, he confronted the false gods and false prophets of his day, called the people back to God, and broke Jezebel’s hold on the nation.

I Kings 18 tells the story of God’s victory through Elijah on Mount Carmel.  First, he repaired the altar of the Lord; next, he called down fire from heaven; and then the whole nation cried out in repentance.

What a mighty victory! What a defeat for the enemy! And what a hornet’s nest of trouble he stirred up for himself! Elijah’s prophetic activity aroused the anger of “the Jezebel spirit” and he had to face the full force of its wrath.

Anointed, prophetic words and deeds are a serious threat to the devil’s forces and they always respond with fury.  It was so for Elijah.  It was so for Jesus and the early church, and it is so for you too.

Even so, you should know about demons, especially the Jezebel Spirit, are killers by instinct and appetite – with a special taste for God’s anointed prophets.

First, they render their captives spiritually dead through trespasses and sins; and then, they’re keen to seal their fate by sickness and physical death – which is part of God’s curse on sin. 

Death is humanity’s last enemy and the Bible promises that - along with all the other works of the destroyer -  it will be finally and fully destroyed by Christ at the last day.

If you are to become a warrior of God who overcomes the Jezebel spirit in your life, your home, and your locality, you’ll need to know something of their strategies, characteristics, and intentions.  After all, to be FOREWARNED IS TO BE FOREARMED.

The single most important fact you must remember is that the forces of evil have no rightful authority over you.  Indeed, like Jezebel herself in the days of Elijah, the Jezebel spirit has no rightful authority over any man or woman; it’s simply a usurper like its master.

Never give any credence to the devil’s false claims to the kingdoms and people of the world – for they are rightly belong to Christ.

Satan has been under the judgment of God since the Garden of Eden and his sentence was executed through the life and death of Jesus.  He was dispossessed and bound by Christ and his power was radically broken. 

Jesus bound satan and all his forces by resisting the devil’s temptations.  He bound him through His gracious healings. He bound him through His mighty acts of deliverance.  He bound him by the power of the cross and the resurrection.  He bound him by sending the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.  He bound him through the ministry of the early church.  He bound him through your conversion.  And He binds him tighter every time you obey your Lord and Savior, Jesus. 

Satan may be powerful, but his power is limited. He has been crippled by Christ.  His power has been curbed, his wings have been clipped, his certain doom is in sight, and there is nothing that the devil or any demon can do to thwart God’s ultimate plan.

Of course, the Jezebel spirit can still hinder the work of the church, just as Jezebel continually nipped at Elijah’s heels – but it cannot prevent the church’s ultimate triumph. 

It can trick you into silence and apathy, in much the same way as Jezebel’s persistent threats tricked Elijah into depression, but it cannot actually stop you from serving God in the power of the Spirit.

Never overestimate the power of devil and his deputies.  They are not infinite.  They are not eternal.  They are not all-knowing.  They are not all-powerful.  And they cannot be everywhere at the same time.  They are merely defeated foes who cannot and will not prevail.  Hallelujah!!

To be continued…

Hope this has been a blessing to you and will continue to share with you the portions the Lord leads…..

God Bless You and Keep You!!          

In Christ's Service, 
Under the shed-blood of Jesus,
With Lots of Love and Prayers,
Shanta Daniel

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