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Severus, the Christian Roman Centurion

The history of Severus dates back to 361 A.D. in the land of Ancient Rome under the reign of Julian, after the death of his brother Constantius, the son of Constantine the Great. Though His father was a Christian and though he was taught by his father about Christianity, he remained to have trust in the heathen Gods and he also restored idolatrous worship in his empire. These were the times where people worshipped the ancient Gods of Rome and Greece, and there were records of persecutions of Christians for their faith in the Living God by the orders of heathen governors and officers.

There was a Christian named Severus in the Roman Army who was not any ordinary army personnel, but was a Centurion meaning "Captain of 100." He was the head of 100 foot soldiers. Centurions were noteworthy of their courage, loyalty, skills, and they were the backbone of the Roman Army. Centurions in Roman Army were well-paid, 20 times more than the ordinary soldier. Their attire was well-distinguished and they wore a special helmet and an ostentatious armor. In short, Severus was well-paid, highly dignified and influential man in his occupational and social realms.

Venus, the Roman Goddess of fertility, love, and beauty, was highly esteemed by the Romans. He constructed temples in her name and celebrated feasts in her honor. Severus, the Christian Centurion, was constrained to be part of such a feast. Severus not only refused to be part of the celebration, but also denounced Venus and stood for the Living God. The crowd that was gathered there for the feast was mad at his words. They seized him and brought him before the judge, and again, Severus, held on to his faith, denounced the Romans favorite, official deity. It took no time for the judge to sentence Severus to be scourged before their favorite deity. He was stripped and scourged with a plumbete, a whip that had many thongs each ending with a small lead ball. He was then brutally beheaded in front of the enraged crowd.

Severus, who was so dignified in his then society, dared to face anything for the sake of his faith in the only Living God. He did not fear losing his job or life, but detested to place anything in the place of the Living God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth.

PRAYER: Father God, remove all the idols in our hearts and You, You alone be enthroned in our lives. Help us to please "You only" and help us not to succumb to the pressures of this world. In Jesus name, Amen.

BIBLE VERSE : Ex 20:2-17

Written By: Shanta S. Daniel
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  1. I would like to believe about Severus but how could be Julius Caesar ruled on 361 AD, where in fact he was killed on 44 BC. and yes he claimed that we was a descendant of Venus but he did not became an Emperor of Rome.

    1. First of all, my apologies for the later moderation of this comment, i happened to see this in the mail just today. Secondly, my apologies for the wrong name of the Emperor. This was during the period of Emperor Julian. ...I have made the necessary correction, thank you so much for pointing out and is well appreciated.

  2. When is the celebration of Saint Severus (the date in the calendar) and in what place?

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