Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Excerpts from the Book - Satan Unmasked Overcoming the Jezebel Spirit written by Colin Dye - Part III

For this purpose, the Son of God was manifested that He might destroy the works of the devil.  I John 3:8

If you go through the Bible with a toothcomb, you’ll find only one person who persistently and consistently always overcame the enemy.  Only one man who never gave the devil the tiniest toehold, only one person who resisted every attack, trampled on every temptation, never thought or acted on His own initiative.  Suffering never made Jesus blame God.  Taunts about the circumstances of His birth never silenced Him.  Threats of violence never put Him off.  Rejection by His friends and family did not plunge Him in depression.  Quite simply, Jesus is the triumphant overcomer. 

He is the One who is with you and within you.  You’re not being directed by somebody who fell and failed, by someone like Eve or Elijah, David or Job, Joshua or Balaam; you’re being guided by Jesus who is more-than-a-conqueror.

If you only listen to Him, you’re certain to be kept safe.  If you do only what He says, you’re bound to know God’s blessing.  If you go only where He sends, you’re sure to live in the security of God’s Will.  If you speak only what He prompts, you’re guaranteed to know the quiet authority of God.  If you think only His thoughts, the mind of Christ will be in you and you will prove what is the good and acceptable and perfect will of God. 

Of course, Jesus will lead you along the way of the cross and the Jezebel spirit will urge its demons to throw everything at you, but nothing will be able to harm you.

Stay close to Jesus.  Listen to the voice of the King.  Depend entirely on His strength and ability. When you live with deliverance and discipline, you’ll be able to trample on the tempting thoughts of sex and pride, to swipe away the darts of doubt and depression, and to ignore the meaningless attractions of money and power.  In short, you’ll be a true warrior of God.   

If you walk in righteousness and the shout of the King is heard in your life, every attack of the enemy will become a blessing from God. 

To be continued…

Hope this has been a blessing to you and will continue to share with you the portions the Lord leads…..

God Bless You and Keep You!!          

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