Friday, November 11, 2011

The Christian Cop!!

Every Monday morning (IST), my friend/my mentor, Kiruba Stephen and myself pray together for a specific prayer point. This Monday I mentioned a word "police" in our conversation. The very same day, when I happened to see their website, I came across this article. I felt the urge to share this article, but I was not sure if it was God's will. On Wednesday night, there was an incident happened, which has caused me to share this article. This article may not be applicable to all, as this is written for a cop,however, could be informative for all of us who are not "cops."
A couple who are working in my office lost their way to their home on Tuesday evening because of "traffic diversion," they being not familiar with Chennai routes as they are not native of Chennai, and reached home after midnight. The wife (who also works in my office)is in her 8th month of pregnancy. I did not want them to waste much time in the busy traffic like the previous day and I offered to lead them on the way to their home as they have to pass through the area where I live on Wednesday night. I went along with them in my Honda. I rode ahead of them until we reached their familiar route. While I was returning home, I was suddenly hit from behind by rash-riders. The impact was great as I could feel the intensity, but somehow I was not thrown off the vehicle. I could manage to stop my vehicle decently without skidding. There was no damage in any way, but it could have happened!!(Amazing is the Lord protection!!) There was a gentleman, passerby, stopped these speeding miscreants and questioned them. One of the guys, started fighting with that gentleman, while the other left the scene. All of a sudden, a man in civilian clothes came and caught the guy who was fighting and took him a little further up on the road where there was a patrol jeep and a couple of uniformed officers. Near the jeep, another cop was having another guy caught. The cop in civilian clothes questioned me if these were the ones who rear-ended my vehicle. I identified them that one of them was and other was not the one. As soon as I confirmed, they slapped the guy right royally and got him into their patrol van. This is the first time such a thing happened in my life, a person caught by police, the person being identified by me! As a Criminologist, I do know how important is the work of Police Personnel in this crime-filled society. I wonder how much more would be the importance of a Christian Police Personnel!! How much more is their significance in their work place and in society!! Go ahead and read and be blessed!!
Cops. We are the custodians of public safety. At least that's the way society looks upon us for the most part. That's what the local government entrusts us with. We are supposed to be alert to any potential disturbance of the peace, remain calm under great pressure and use professionalism and courage in responding to conflict and crime.

What a great pressure that itself could be sometimes! Peer pressure doesn’t help any either.

For those who would deny the temptations particular to our profession, there is only one logical conclusion. They are either not trying at all to live up to their duties or are living in a fantasy land, where there are no moral absolutes.
(But is there an answer?) One might say, that there are no morals anymore. Evil and wrong seem to be the dominant force in today’s world. Anything goes. Well, that again is a, "copout" from our moral responsibility as human beings first to not harm but help our neighbor. Even more so especially as enforcers of “law and order.”
(But what’s the solution?) Not what, but WHO?
Jesus Christ, God the Son. Well, then what about the cop who knows there is a God. The Christian Cop who knows that the Lord Jesus Christ died at Calvary to redeem fallen people like ourselves all over the world from a life of misery and eternal damnation?
What impact does Jesus have on my professional career? What do I do when I’m around, “the boys” (and “girls” in uniform for that matter)?
Do I get numb after a while from seeing the murders and suicides and so on. Can I use that as an excuse for behaving like the wicked world? Like unsaved fellow officers?
The Christian is still in a fight, that’s for sure. He has to keep his guard up or he will fall. But the Lord says, we have to be holy inspite of an ungodly atmosphere. That’s His demand upon our life and our great privilege. To truly follow Him, by keeping those commandments we know we should keep. He gives us great encouragement and power for living the, “straight and narrow” kind of life in the broad way of hypocrisy and drunkenness that characterize those who are trusting in themselves. The Bible calls them fools, as you know. Why? Because they cannot keep themselves alive even for a millisecond much less save themselves from God’s wrath and Hell and yet they have a macho mindset that they’ll beat the odds somehow and make it ok inspite of living in sin, inspite of rejecting the Almighty God of the Universe.

A police officer faces lies and shameful stories and ungodly speech and arrogance not only on the streets everyday but also “inside” among the ranks as well. Lots and lots of hypocrisy and backstabbing and stepping on shoes to get ahead. Just like in the corporate world; only here, it’s the very people who are supposed to uphold the moral law for all. Some of them are doing the very things (and sometimes worse) that they lock others up for.

What is the Christian Cop to do under such assault from the Devil’s people?
How can this cop who claims to have met the Living Lord cope? Not just cope, but be actually victorious over evil?
Well, he has got to depend upon and seek the Lord. And that means to have a habit of praying always. Pray that God would give him/her the grace to go through the day without presumptuous sin especially. What’s presumptuous sin? It is willful sin.
May God have mercy upon us. Every thing we do for Him, including policing the neighborhood or the government buildings and territories, the hospitals, the violent school districts, the Metro system etc., will be rewarded one Day. Do we realize that?
It’s not just to make that salary and get through that day all beat up. Sure we can have days where we get an extra serving of Satanic opposition, but it’s all in the knowledge of our Father in Heaven Who gives us the opportunity to be victorious inspite of that.
The tough cop, hero image, the TV and movies’ product are all aimed at boosting that ego; the self. A true hero sacrifices yes, but for right reasons. You see, the Christian Cop wants to truly give Jesus the Glory for any acts of heroism that he is able to accomplish. Not just say, “I was just doing my job” as we hear so many times.
If we focus on Christ and His Honor in all we speak and think and do, then we will be a light in that dark district. In that dark precinct for that matter.
Isn’t it ironic that the place that is supposed to deter and punish crime so very often becomes a safe haven for, “uniformed criminals” within?

How can you be that light, dear Christian Police Officer?
The Bible says that law enforcement personnel should not oppress civilians and take advantage of them. This includes not only false arrests and so forth, but also slander and mockery of the ordinary citizens and foreigners too. Those who don’t really have a voice; those who can’t retaliate when a cop treats them unjustly. You know what I mean.
Luke 3:14, “And the soldiers likewise demanded of him, saying, And what shall we do? And he said unto them, Do violence to no man, neither accuse any falsely; and be content with your wages.” {Do violence…: or, Put no man in fear} {wages: or, allowance}
At the same time, we must not wink at sin; that is, not pretend that there is no evil going on. Rather, we must be bold and call sin, sin! Whether it concerns civilians or co-workers (superiors included).
“Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!”{call…: Heb. say concerning evil, It is good, etc}Isaiah 5:20

Conversation, Conduct and Company.
Watch your speech. the words you use should not displease the Lord but be fitting for a Christian. Even under pressure. For you are a born-again soldier in God’s army first and foremost before you are anything else.

Watch your conduct.Restrain yourself from foolish outburst of anger and arrogance. Be noble. Know that God’s eyes are on you all the while you are on your beat (as well as off duty, of course). Be humble. Meekness is not weakness in the eyes of the Lord but rather praiseworthy before His Presence. You are to conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of His Great Name and not to please others who are lost in the filth and folly of this world.

Watch the company you keep. If there are lewd jokes, if there is deceit and fraud occurring to your knowledge among your co-workers, then separate yourself from them. The Bible says that we should not be deceived; evil company corrupts good morals. If you are forced to work with the one(s) who are immoral in their behavior and unethical in the way they work, then you must not participate in the same. As the Holy Spirit leads you must have the courage and concern to object to that unrighteousness. Pray in faith and ask the Lord to lead you to fellowship with other believers who are serious about following the Lordall the way.

A Christian who is not undergoing persecution in some form from their environment for being godly, are probably playing with God and their so-called Christianity. The Lord will say, “I never knew you” on that Great and Terrible Day of Judgment.

Following Sept 11, Police Officers especially here in New York City were suddenly elevated to hero status just by virtue of wearing the uniform it seems. God is the hero. We are zero. Even if we have those coveted stripes or medals or other insignia or the best firearms and latest tactical training and the greatest mental/physical ability. We are still zero. Without saving faith in Jesus, we would all be going straight to Hell.

Christian Cop, are you a living testimony that your fellow officers can see? A testimony of righteousness and holy sobriety? A testimony of kindness and humility?

You may be thinking, well that’s a pretty tall order! Well, God has given us the Holy Spirit to make all that godly statement possible in our lives! So we have to, “grow up and fit into our clothes”; our, “uniform” of righteousness as it were!

Are you a witness of the Lord? Do you look for and avail yourself of the opportunities to, “rescue” souls from falling under God’s final wrath against evil and evil doers and to help those willing to listen from going to Hell?

Pray before you start on your way to work. Pray during roll call. Pray during your tour.Pray during meals. Pray at sign off time. Thank God on the way home. Pray all the time for grace and wisdom and thank God for everything as the Scriptures say and you can’t go wrong. God never let anyone down who asked Him in faith.

If you live holy, you’ll be that light in the darkness indeed and even the people you arrest will know the difference between a Christian Cop and the rest. For the Glory of God, be Blessed today as you Obey Him!

One more thing, just remember please …

In God’s sight right now and on Judgment Day, CPR (courtesy, professionalism and respect won’t keep you safe from destruction and certainly won’t get you that promotion into Heaven (cause even evil men and women can muster up some manners and pride), but only being washed in the HOLY BLOOD of JESUS CHRIST and obeying the three C’s (CCC holy conversation, conduct and company) will.
(Please go back up a little bit and re-read the definitions for those three C’s if you will and live out a life of Power and Love for Jesus, especially on the job! May God Bless you dear reader.)

Written By:
Bro. Pradeep Stephen

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