Saturday, June 20, 2015

Divine Solutions Godly Counsel and Prayer Help On Dealing With Your Loneliness

Just posting some of the prayer requests and the corresponding Divine counsel that went out via Divine Solutions. Here is a prayer request that came to me on May 18, 2015, for Divine help to deal with loneliness...Read prayerfully...May the Lord refine you and help you rise above your overwhelming situations. 

Hi Shanta..... how are you? I am just here for prayer in our new home ....its hard feeling alone and needing Gods wisdom and peace
Still waiting on Gods healing....

My friend prayed with me last week and in the prayer God spoke through her, in the middle of the prayer....."__________ i have a purpose for your life a good life for you and your daughter, i know all of your hopes and dreams ..I delight in you, delight in me as I delight in you" and I cant remember all but I put my faith in Him , not my friend , but I do believe he spoke to me through her because I needed to hear it, as I feel I am going through a desert.... What do you think? I think God can speak to us through others....

Hi __________:

I'm doing good by God's Grace!! 
Actually, you can enjoy the time you have now with the some worship songs and hymns continually...or whenever possible or mildly in the background without disturbing your daughter or anyone around,.....the entire house will gradually be saturated with the presence of God...remove every form of filth from the house.....magazines, tapes, anything that would remind you of the sinful life...or any seducing stuffs....cleanse the new house and yourself with the precious blood of Jesus Christ and usher in His HOLY Presence and say that I have entered this so that You will RESIDE here with me.....You...that is YOUR BODY is the TEMPLE of the HOLY SPIRIT....HE resides in your BODY...remind yourself of this when you feel lonely or when you face temptations to commit sin....

God speaks through different ways...He speaks through the WORD OF GOD as an IMPRESSION or an highlighted WORD...or within you...impression or a still small voice....or through a servant of GOD, prophet or an anointed servant, or like an idea or suggestion...confirming again and again through various media and elements, through billboards, through sermons, through letters from Prophetic People, through FB, through twitter...through youtube.....through nature, through landscapes, through air, wind, sea, oceans, through so many ways....but the problem is with is us who are not able to decipher His VOICE....HIS communication to us...a well-trained horse can understand its master very well, even His whispers can be understood by the warrior horse and is ready to do what is expected of it by the master....train yourself to hear Him....key is patience, holiness, discipline, open your senses to HIM and shut your senses to the will hear HIM LOUD AND CLEAR, every whisper, every nudge, every heartbeat, every thought of HIS!!....

Be encouraged and DELIGHT in HIM and PRAISE HIM and WORSHIP because HE IS Mary Magdalene worship HIM with YOUR tears and WIPE His feet with YOUR HAIR because HE IS WORTHY...GIVE HIM ALL DUE WORSHIP AND won't feel lonely....GOD BLESS YOU!!   

With Love and Prayers,
In Christ's Service,
Evg. Sis. Shanta Daniel

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