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This Freelance Platform That You Should Never Miss Out!!

Dear Readers, after a long, long time, in fact after some years, I am writing a new blog post on this website that is not related to the devotional.  However, it is the intent of God for a human being to have a purpose and an occupation in life.  God was the first employer who gave Adam work.  He asked Adam to look after the Garden of Eden.  The Bible says in I Thessalonians 3:10,For even when we were with you, this we commanded you: that if any would not work, neither should he eat.So this post is related to “work” and to “earn money by working.”  This post is not about regular office-going work or a work-from-home office job. In this post, I am going to talk about freelance remote work.  Freelance work is chosen because of its work-life balance, flexibility, autonomy or control over your work, income potential, geographic independence, and scope for learning and trying new skills. Several platforms offer paid work or freelance work.  In this post, I am going to talk about the platform called “PaidWork.” 

The Company:  The developers of this platform say that they are “committed to creating a free platform for people who want to make money remotely, providing remote work for everyone and everywhere, improving skills and developing new ones, and building relationships with clients and brands,” which I think is AWESOME. 

       Personally, in my opinion, working with freelance platforms, this platform is the one with the commitment towards the earners.  Also, talking about the platform’s easiness of navigation, it is quite evident that the huge amount of investment in terms of money and engagement of quality people in developing this platform. 
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The Platform:  PaidWork is a free online learning and microtasks platform with over 15 million freelancers, 400 million completed tasks, and 6 methods of learning.  This company is genuinely out to help people earn additional income for the past 7 years.  In my personal opinion, this is a genuine platform and you can start earning money into your PaidWork account from the day you start your work.   


Earning:  You can choose from 6 methods of earning or can work on all methods to earn money.  You can earn money by playing games, filling out surveys, watching videos, online shopping, doing microtasks, and mining crypto. You can start earning right away by just watching videos and playing games.  From day 1, you start seeing cents in your account.  100 points is equal to 1 dollar.  While watching videos and playing games result in cents, doing some professional work like writing articles, copy editing, translation work, graphic designing, and mining crypto will fetch you more on the dollar side. I suggest you all check their website for more details 


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Learning:  Learning is essential in one’s life.  A person can earn more money only by developing skills. Learning new skills will boost your CV as well.  You can learn and develop the skills through this platform.  Free courses are available on the platform under the microtasks section.  You can learn copywriting, programming, graphic designing, translating, software testing, video making, and creating animations via this platform and can qualify for the microtasks and each correct task gets your account updated upon completion. Each task duration varies from 2 hours to +20 hours.  Upon submission of your task, it takes 3 business days for verification depending on the task. 


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Tracking:  You can track your activity and progress on the analytics page.  It will show how much you have earned in each category on different periods such as week, month and year.  

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Taking:  This is about taking or withdrawing money that you have earned on your PaidWork account into your bank account.  The minimum withdrawing threshold is $10.  You can withdraw your earnings from your PaidWork account either with your PayPal account or by direct transfer into your bank account as shown below.


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Rewards and Recognition:  Organizational research studies show that what motivates the employee to continue to work is not only the salary or the perks, appreciation and applause along with some monetary benefits.  Similarly, the PaidWork platform also has rewards and recognition plans on its “Achievements” page. As the user keeps on working and making progress and money, it is all tracked and categorized into different performance levels with reward points added to each level of achievement.  These points are added for conversion in terms of dollars. 


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As you can see from the picture above, there are about 100 levels, 316 under the experience category, and 30 under the achievements.  This is an awesome model for motivation and improvement of the performance of the earners on this platform.   


Referral Program:   This is an additional opportunity to make money on the PaidWork platform.  You need to invite people you know by using your referral link which you will get after you have opened an account on the platform. When your referrals open an account on the PaidWork platform and start withdrawing their earnings, referral income will be credited to your PaidWork account.  A Win-Win strategy.  You can click on my referral link here for a quick sign-in and start earning money today.  



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Conclusion:  I have presented to you all a wonderful freelance-work offering company and the platform from my own experience and have shown the pictures of my account on the platform.  I think there should not be any hesitation and anything should stop you from opening an account on this platform and start earning money today.

  What are your thoughts on this post? Would you take action today?  Feel free to share your comments.  See you all soon!! Until then Take Care and God Bless!!

Written by: Shanta S. Daniel
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