Monday, August 20, 2012

Seek the mantle! - Speaking from my heart...

Dear Friends:

I do not know where the Lord is leading me these days.  I do not know if I can share all things I am going through these days or should I seal them up until I understand the things of God. 

Last week was one more hectic week.  Friday whole day in prayer, Saturday first half in online meeting and personal prayer, the rest of the day until evening having spiritual discussion with a sister in our premises.  We discussed about so many spiritual insights.  Suddenly, she told about Kathryn Kuhlman.  She spoke so high of her ministry.  Nevertheless, I opened up and told that I do not appreciate it much.  Though I didn’t share the following with her, personally I have prayed that my ministry and life should always be in the center of the perfect will of God.  About 5 months back, when someone hinted about this Kathryn Kuhlman, I had withdrew myself to a secluded place in office, a corner room where no one intervenes usually, and knelt down and cried to God “I do not wish to have a mighty ministry and fall into sin, but Lord keep me in the Center of Your Perfect Will until death, I want to walk with You like Enoch, I want to be esteemed by You like Daniel, and live a exemplary life like Joseph of the Bible.” This was my perception about Ms. Kuhlman ministry until day before yesterday, when that sister explained to me about her life and ministry.  She explained how anybody can illegitimately take Rs. 100 from the ministry money and not think of it as sin.  This sin is as serious as what Ms. Kuhlman did, but she did confess it before God and Men.  She had the great humility to confess her mistake while she was still in the limelight.  That sister told me that God used Ms. Kuhlman more powerfully after her repentance and public confession. That sister invited me to come with her to a place to meet a highly gifted man.  She said to me “Do not worry about anything, but just seek the mantle, the rest of the things will follow you.”  Also, she advised me to test all things, but follow only what is right.  That night, we had our official ministry team fasting prayer and since I had to go to church early the next day morning, I prayed first and got off the phone around 01:00 a.m. After the church service, I hurried myself back home in order to go to that place that sister would take us to.  She drove us to a place almost outside our city.  That was a deliverance meeting and this was the first time I am attending such an exclusive deliverance meeting other than the one I participated 9 days ago.  In that session, I saw so many girls, boys, men, and women, who appeared as normal but later showed manifestations of the demons.  I was crying and tears rolling down my cheeks when I heard the demons swore to destroy the lives of them that they possess.  That Man of God was telling them, Jesus died for their body, mind, soul, and the demons have no authority to destroy them and they have to leave at once.  It was like a mini Benny Hinn Meeting, but this happens every Sunday.  Many people suffering from other sicknesses and ailments were healed that day.  Later she took us to meet with the Man of God for one-on-one session.  I was thinking what to ask him to pray for.  I thought, like Akka (Sister) said, if I say to him I want the anointing he has, he might say then “you have to pay the price I have paid.”  I was like a bit confused and when he actually came to pray for me, I just kept quiet didn’t tell him any prayer requests.  He laid his hand on me and moved on to the sister next to me.  We then came out and broke the fast with prayer in the parking lot.  While eating a snack there, I told her I was terribly moved to see so many people held captive and I couldn’t control my tears.  She told me “what I wanted to say, the Holy Spirit has already put the burden in you.  For this I brought you here, Kathryn Kuhlman used to attend meetings such as these, she used to cry and ask God for the anointing to deliver the people from the clutches of the enemy.  Now, you need to ask for the anointing and start ministering as the Lord leads.”  While driving, she told me that deliverance ministry is a glamorous ministry. I told her that worship concerts and music ministry is glamorous, how can this ministry be glamorous.  She answered me what she meant was spiritual glamor because of the manifestation of the Power of God and she didn’t mean man-made or human glamor involvement.  Indeed, it was thought provoking.  I retired early to bed because of shortage of sleep the previous night.  This morning, I woke up with the word that she told “seek the mantle.” I do not know how, but I am praying the Lord to guide me.

Under the shed-blood of Jesus,
Shanta Daniel

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