Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"You have the best place!!!"

Asking what is the best place you would like to be in.....some may say, "Switzerland," some may say "London", some may say "anywhere in UK", some may say "United States", some might say "home," some may even say "India," and so on and so forth....today, God tells you and me that the best place in the world is to be in His Arms, leaning on to Him, close to His heart.

Among the 12 disciples, 3 were very close to Jesus. Of the three, one was very close and was called the disciple whom Jesus loved." Jesus was "not unfair" to love one disciple so much so that others would become jealous. Jesus was not partial as well. He is a JUST God. It was the aspiration of this disciple to be very close and intimate with Jesus leaving us an example to follow. This disciple had the guts to recline onto Jesus while the others maintained reverence and distance. This showed how much he loved Jesus and Jesus loved him and allowed him to lean on Him. I wonder how privileged this disciple was, to lean onto Jesus and to be close to His heart and even ask the delicate question to Jesus which the other disciples were hesitant to ask Jesus directly and prompted this disciple to find out from Jesus who was the one that was going to betray Jesus (John 13: 21-26). So much was the intimacy of the disciple with Jesus. At the Calvary, when Jesus was about to give up his Spirit, he delegated His personal, earthly, responsibility of taking care of his mother, Mary, to this disciple whom he loved; it was like in the practical sense, anyone on his death bed would call his loved one and say "take care of my mom/wife/son/daughter/______ carefully, I trust you that you would do your best." John 19: 26 and 27.

Furthermore, the best and safest place for our mind, body, soul, and spirit is to be in the arms of Jesus leaning on to His bosom. You will be safe in His arms even in times of great danger. Lean on to Him in your wilderness, sorrow, failures, disappointments, brokenness, etc., and whisper to Him "I love you Jesus, no matter what happens. Nothing can change the love I have for you and I will love you even more irrespective of what is going on around me. "

When we lean on to His bosom and be in His arms, we will be able to hear the heartbeat of Jesus more clearly, which is indeed the Will of the Father and we will in turn be tuned to the Will of God. It is a daily longing of the heart and not losing the focus on THE GOAL.

Aspiring not the place of prominence before people, let us aspire for that best place, close to His Heart that is the Best Place ever for you and for me!!!

Has this post been a blessing to you? share with us....Jesus Loves you so dearly!! God Bless you!!

Written By: Shanta S. Daniel
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